PRO-PALESTINE action groups are set to protest outside the Scottish Parliament after arms companies supplying Israel with bombs have been invited to a reception.

The Edinburgh Gaza Genocide Emergency Committee has called a protest on Wednesday, February 21 outside Holyrood following the announcement of a parliamentary reception on that date for companies arming Israel.

The event was initially sponsored by Labour MSP Paul Sweeney, however he has since withdrawn his support after The Ferret requested comment from him on the reception plans.

Sweeney previously worked for BAE Systems, the company which also manufactures parts for F-35 fighter jets.

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Despite no confirmed sponsor (a requirement for a reception), the Scottish Parliament asserted the event would go ahead as planned. Arms companies including Raytheon and Thales are to be represented under the umbrella ADS Scotland Council. 

A Scottish PSC spokesperson said ‘The Scottish Parliament’s decision to host a Parliamentary Reception for arms company executives as they profit from Israel’s bombardment of Gaza is despicable. 

"In November, members of the very same parliament called for an immediate ceasefire.  Now, the Scottish Parliament is hosting those who profit from the continuation of violence against the Palestinians.  Scotland’s economy cannot be dependent on genocide and ethnic cleansing."

They added: "‘As Gazans starve in makeshift tents and children undergo amputations without anaesthetic, our politicians are wining-and-dining those who  profit from their suffering.  

"We call on the public to join us and make clear our opposition to the Scottish Parliament being used to host profiteers of genocide. We call on the Scottish Parliament to cancel this event and refuse to be complicit in Israel's genocide against Palestinians."

The National:

Protestors are invited to meet at the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday, February 21 at a time to be confirmed.

Ross Greer, the Scottish Greens MSP, who described ADS Group as a “who’s who of the world’s worst arms dealers and war profiteers”, told The Ferret: “Many of the companies it represents have armed human rights abusers and dictatorships across the planet, including the Israeli occupation forces currently inflicting a genocide on the people of Gaza."

Emma Cockburn, of Campaign Against Arms Trade, has also called for the event to be cancelled and accused politicians of “cosying up to warmongers”.

A spokesperson for ADS said: “Our sectors are vital contributors to our prosperity. We are dedicated to supporting industry, civil society and our armed forces to navigate an increasingly challenging geopolitical environment. We are unwavering in our support to our four sectors that protect the UK’s safety, security, and very way of life.”