CAROL Vorderman has hit out at a former adviser to Liz Truss following his “roasting” in an interview with the BBC.

It comes after the former prime minister claimed the UK is “full of secret Conservatives” as she said her party had failed to take on the “left-wing extremists”.

Speaking to the BBC’s Newsnight, ex-adviser to Truss Hugh Bennet was grilled by Victoria Derbyshire on why anybody should trust the former PM given her record in office.

Bennett started to reply: “I think when you look at what was said today, when you look at what the focus was of the event today it was much less about what are the short term policies that we need to do now before the election.”

The BBC host then interjected to say her question was about whether people would listen to Truss given the “disastrous” nature of her 49-day premiership.

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“I think the thing with judging what Liz was saying is I think people should be judging her on what she said today,” Bennett replied.

He continued to say that Truss (below) would be the “first to admit that her term in office didn’t go the way that she intended” but that the ideas she was discussing on Tuesday were part of a discussion about “longer-term institutional reforms” as opposed to focusing on infighting.

The National: Former prime minister Liz Truss was drawn as one of the 20 MPs invited to bring forward a private members bill (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

“From what I saw of it, it looked like a much more serious effort to start a cohesive piece of work thinking about what does a real program of reforms look like that can sort of bring conservatism back into the mainstream in a popular way,” Bennett added.

In response to the video, LBC host Vorderman said on Twitter/X: “Victoria Derbyshire roasting the pathetic former ‘adviser’ to Liz Truss.

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“Genuinely after enduring the reports on #PopCons Popular Conservative Party, I thought ‘how the hell has the UK fallen to this appalling unhinged level? A prime minister & WE are still paying their wages’.”

Many others took to social media to criticise Bennett, with one describing the interview as a “car crash” while another said he looked like he “wished he hadn’t turned up”.