LABOUR is losing support among Muslim voters, with many motivated by the war in Gaza, according to new polling.

Research by Survation for the Labour Muslim Network showed that 43% of Muslims would vote Labour, out of a sample which had backed the party by 58% at the last election.

While the cost of living was found to be voters’ number one concern at the General Election expected later this year, the survey also showed that 85% of Muslim voters considered the position of British political leaders' stance on Palestine to be either “very” or “somewhat” important.

Just 5% of those polled said the issue was not important.

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Labour’s image among Muslim voters has also taken a hit in the last year, with 38% saying they had a less favourable view of the party after the last 12 months, compared with 34% who viewed the party more favourably. Some 22% of those polled said there had been no change.

Cracks in the Labour Party have been exposed by the Israel-Hamas war, which has so far claimed the lives of more than 27,000 Palestinians since October 7.

Many in the party want Starmer to call for an immediate ceasefire. He, like the UK Government, has instead argued for a "sustainable” ceasefire to allow for the release of Hamas hostages and to allow aid into Gaza.

Both the Labour leadership and the UK Government believe a ceasefire would be impossible in the current circumstances.

The conflict has resonated profoundly with Muslim and Jewish communities across Britain.