AN EX Tory Minister was “fanboying” over Humza Yousaf after his appearance on the Rest is Politics podcast.

Co-host Rory Stewart – who held several ministerial positions – was left gushing over the First Minister, who he called “warm” and an “excellent communicator”.

Yousaf’s appearance on the programme – also co-hosted by former Downing Street director of communications Alastair Campbell – saw the trio discuss issues ranging from the prospect of an independent Scotland in the EU, his predecessors Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond, as well as the First Minister’s mental health struggles and the “trauma” still experienced by his in-laws – who were trapped in Gaza following the October 7 Hamas attack.

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“I was really charmed, he’s an excellent communicator. I really think that very few politicians are quite so warm and open,” Stewart said to Campbell at the end of the episode. “About his mental health, about his family. He’s very good at avoiding defensive jargon.”

Both co-hosts said that the First Minister was “more defensive” when talking about the EU and Scotland’s productivity and Campbell added he wasn’t “clear” what the SNP’s strategy is.

But Stewart added: “I think he’s got a great future ahead of him. He’s very young and if he’s resilient, he could emerge as a really major statesman in the next 20 years in Britain.”

Campbell had alluded to this passage in a preview tweet on Twitter/X. He wrote: “Definitely worth an hour of your time if only to hear ⁦@RoryStewartUK⁩ fanboying in our post match chat! Tbf really good chat.”