TRADE unionists and anti-racist groups are to come together to mark a year since the beginning of weekly protests in Erskine.

In 2023, around 200 asylum seekers were placed in temporary accommodation at the Muthu Hotel in Erskine.

Far-right extremist group Patriotic Alternative targeted the hotel although their demonstrations were regularly countered trade unions as well as community and civic groups.

February 4 will see a number of groups come together again with speeches due to be given from Dundee Trades Union Council’s Mike Arnott, deputy general secretary of the STUC Dave Moxham and Renfrewshire Provost Lorraine Cameron.

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Speaking to The National, the secretary of Paisley Trades Council Robert Parker said: “I really have to commend the people who have turned up every week over the last year to confront the racists and fascists.

“While it’s disappointing that we’re still here a year on, we’ve been lucky to get to come together and meet new comrades with a shared outlook on life. People who believe that asylum seekers and refugees are welcome here, fascists are not.

“We’ve faced intimidation, and been physically assaulted on Christmas Eve, but we have stood steadfast in our belief that fascists in the UK must be confronted and challenged.

“I’m proud of the commitment shown and grateful for the friendships made, particularly with the hotel residents.”

Meanwhile, Moxham said that campaigners are a “shining example of what is best about the trade union movement – unwavering solidarity”.

“They have turned up, week after week, often in terrible weather conditions to show their support for the asylum seekers, placing them in hotel accommodation and leaving them in limbo for months and months,” he said.

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“Fascists have tried to capitalise on this, but their attempts to gain significant footing in the Erskine community have failed.

“This is thanks to the local trade unionists and campaigners who have shown that asylum seekers and refugees are welcome here.”