THE voices in Keir Starmer’s Cabinet will “almost all be those of English MPs” if Labour win the keys to Downing Street at the General Election, a top elections expert has said.

Richard Rose - a leading psephologist and expert on party government - said while Labour will not need to win a majority in Scotland in terms of “parliamentary arithmetic”, it will be crucial for the party to be able to claim to represent the whole of Britain.

But writing in a blog for the Electoral Calculus website, he said Starmer’s first Cabinet would be very different from that of Tony Blair when he entered Downing Street in 1997.

The list of Scottish politicians who were ministers included Gordon Brown, Derry Irvine, Alistair Darling, Robin Cook, George Robertson, Donald Dewar and Gavin Strang.

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In a recent speech, Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar called for voters in Scotland to back his party at the General Election, saying it was about “maximising Scotland’s influence and giving Scotland a seat at the table”.

But with only two Scottish Labour MPs currently at Westminster – including Michael Shanks, who was elected in October last year – Rose pointed out there would be a lack of experience among those who win seats.

He wrote: “Unlike the first Cabinet of Tony Blair, where Scottish voices were very prominent, the voices heard in Sir Keir Starmer's Cabinet will almost all be those of English MPs.

“Five-sixths would represent English constituencies, starting with Starmer whose constituency is within walking distance of Westminster.

“Almost all the Labour MPs returned from Scotland would be new to Parliament and even less informed about the politics of Whitehall.

“When demands for more devolution are made, a Labour government will find it easier to make concessions to Wales, where Labour are in control, than to Scotland with whatever leader the Scottish National Party throw up.”

In the blog called "Labour is now the party of England", Rose said polls currently indicate Labour winning 395 English seats at the General Election, which would give a parliamentary majority of 255.

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He added: “This would be the biggest sweep of seats since 1931, when the Conservatives won 436 English constituencies. The last time Labour could claim a parliamentary majority solely on the basis of winning seats in England was when they won 328 seats there in 1997.”

He went on: “Winning a majority in Scotland and Wales is superfluous in terms of parliamentary arithmetic but important politically, for it enables Labour to say they represent the whole of Britain.

“Current poll figures show Labour taking 30 of the 32 constituencies in Wales and the Tories none.

“In Scotland, they can gain 28 seats - 10 more than the Scottish National Party, who have lost their position as Scotland's biggest party due to self-inflicted wounds.”