A SCHOOLBOY from the Scottish Borders has told his MP “children are not terrorists” after receiving an email saying it was right for Israel to go after terrorists in Palestine.

Andrew Sinclair, 10, from Galashiels, emailed his local MP John Lamont, to call for support for a ceasefire in Gaza.

The primary school pupil decided to write after attending a vigil for health workers killed in Palestine where a speaker encouraged attendees to contact their local MP. Andrew said he was excited when he received a reply from Lamont.

However, he shared that he wasn’t impressed to be told by the Tory representative that there is “no point in a ceasefire” until all Israeli hostages are released by Hamas.

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In his email, Andrew wrote: "Dear John Lamont,

"My name is Andrew, I am 10 years old and go to Clovenfords primary. I went to a vigil for health workers who have died in Gaza which was held in Gala last week. I felt sad and frustrated because lives were lost saving others so I would like to alert people about this and hope as many people can help in any way possible.

"As my MP I would like you to ask the government to support a ceasefire and supply medical aid to Gaza because many people including children my age are dying and in medical need. Can you tell me what you are doing in parliament to help stop this violence?"

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Responding, Lamont - who serves as the MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk as well as a UK Government minister in the Scotland Office - told the 10-year-old: "When Israel was attacked by Hamas terrorists, and many innocent Israelis were taken hostage, the UK believed that it was right for Israel to go after them, and take them back. Unfortunately, in doing so, a huge war broke out resulting in thousands of Palestinian and Israeli deaths.

"The UK, and indeed no country has ever wanted this to happen, and I feel the same way as you do, everything that is going on is truly horrific and sad. It is not right for the Israeli people to constantly live in fear of these terrorist attacks, and they owe it to their people to save the hostages and return them to their families.

The National: MP John Lamont

"However, if this is to happen, the UK is clear that Israel must respect international law and limit their targets to the terrorists responsible, and not harm any more innocent civilians. The UK is doing everything it can to achieve this and obtain a ceasefire. However, for this to happen, it needs to be sustainable."

He added: "There is no point having a ceasefire if it is going to collapse within a few days. Realistically, Israel is not going to accept peace until the brutal Hamas terrorists release the hostages and stop attacking innocent Israelis.

"Therefore, the only thing we can do as a country is use diplomatic means, speak to Israel and our allies, come together, and end the violence."

Lamont also gave his young constituent his assurance “that the UK will keep on providing aid to the Palestinians and look for better ways of getting it there".

Andrew, who is the son of SNP councillor Fay Sinclair, told The National: “I was excited to get a reply but I didn’t agree with some of the statements. I wrote to him about medics and children but he was talking about terrorists. I want him to realise there are many innocent people dying and injured in Gaza and that children are not terrorists.”

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In a further reply, Andrew said he didn't want to tell his MP he was wrong but that he didn't agree.

He wrote: "Thank you for your response but I don’t agree with some of your statements.

"Your email said the war started last October but it has gone on for 75 years!

"You said 'I can assure you that the UK will keep on providing aid to the Palestinians' but two days after your response the UK stopped sending aid. Hundreds more people have died. I wrote to you about medics and children but you were talking about terrorists. Children are not terrorists!

"I agree that innocent Israelis should not be attacked but I would like you to realise there are many innocent people dying and injured in Gaza. They need help."

Andrew said afterward: “I think it's important for young people to be aware and to help alert adults to stop this war. I don’t agree with what John Lamont said and I think more should be done to help Palestinians.”