The National:

A POLITICAL cartoon aimed at Nicola Sturgeon has caused widespread confusion online.

The Telegraph cartoonist Matt Pritchett, known as “Matt”, published his effort at lampooning the former first minister in the right-wing paper on Thursday, but he appears to have missed just about every mark there is.

Apparently trying to make a point about Sturgeon’s evidence at the Covid Inquiry, Matt drew a chippy in Aberdeen. The cartoon shop’s sign reads: “Aberdeen. The Chip Bar.”

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What Aberdeen has to do with anything at all is unclear. It’s recognisably Scottish, which looks to have been enough for our Matt.

A sign in the window of the chippy reads, quite inexplicably: “New: All Nicola Sturgeon’s WhatsApp Messages, Deep Fried.”

Confused? Struggling to understand the joke? You’re not the only one.

Journalist Ross McCafferty wrote on social media: “650 grand a year you know. £650,000 each 12 month period. Six hundred and fifty thousand pounds over 52 weeks. Per annum, 650k.”

This is a reference to Pritchett’s astronomic paycheque, which was reported in Private Eye in 2018.

McCafferty went on: “He earns the equivalent of the UK median *annual* salary roughly every 18 days. For this? FOR THIS?!

“I'm losing my mind, literally what is the joke?? What is the set up and what is the punchline?? Why is it in Aberdeen? What's a chip bar? What is deep fried Whatsapp?! I feel like I've suffered a brain injury.”

Another user responded: “I keep looking at it and thinking 'there must be something I'm not getting, some piece of nuance or obscura that is just beyond my ken’, but no it's just shit. Juvenile shit.”

A third wrote: “Of all the Mattfacts I’ve unwillingly picked up over the years, the one that haunts me is that he draws twelve cartoons a day and the editors choose the best three. The *best* three.”

Surely Pritchett’s other contributions are stronger. Otherwise, how did he land a job as the Telegraph’s cartoonist at the tender age of 24?

The Jouker is sure that his father’s role as a columnist for that very paper – and his grandfather being the author VS Pritchett – had absolutely nothing to do with it.