LARGE Palestinian flags have been spotted at various landmarks in Scotland's capital city ahead of a major protest this weekend.

Activists from the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign draped the flag across various tourist hot spots throughout the capital, including Waverley Station, the National Gallery, Edinburgh Castle and Victoria Street.

A national protest for Gaza is due to take place on Saturday, February 3, with participants urged to gather at Edinburgh Castle at 1pm.

The National:

A spokesperson from the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign told The National: “The actions this week are to highlight the importance and urgency of the national demo this weekend and to show Scotland’s solidarity with Palestine.

“The state of Israel is now officially on trial for genocide and has not just ignored the ruling and requests of the International Court of Justice to stop the killing of Palestinians and to allow a humanitarian corridor, but it has intensified its siege on Gaza.

“The UK Government, in its choice of ongoing support of Israel and its withdrawal of funding for UNRWA is complicit in this genocide. Not in our name.”

The National:

The UK paused its financing of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in the light of allegations that agency workers took part in atrocities against Israel on October 7.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denied reports of a possible ceasefire and repeated his claim that Israeli troops will continue fighting until “absolute victory” is declared over Hamas.

The National:

It comes after the Palestinian health ministry said Israeli forces opened fire inside the wards of a hospital in the city of Jenin on Tuesday.

The latest reports suggest more than 26,700 people have been killed in Gaza since Israel launched its air, sea and ground offensive in October.