TORY MP Andrea Leadsom has been criticised for her comments as new fresh food and flower imports from the European Union are to be subject to next Brexit customs controls.

Under the new Brexit red tape, imports of chilled and frozen meat and fish, cheese and dairy products, as well as five common varieties of cut flowers will require an export health certificate, signed off by a European vet or plant inspector, before they can enter the UK.

It is estimated that this will add more than £300 million a year to the price of trading with Europe.

Speaking to Sky News, Leadsom said there are “big opportunities from free trade deals” and that “businesses always face the cost of doing business”.

The MP added that businesses knew there would be “additional checks” at the border when the Brexit happened.

“The fact of the matter remains that businesses have huge opportunities with other parts of the world which are the direct benefit of us leaving the European Union,” she said.

However, Sky News host Kay Burley put it to the MP that this was about the impact on small businesses and that her show had spoken with a florist who would be unable to afford the products coming from Holland as she can’t afford the checks.

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Pressed on what she would say to struggling businesses, Leadsom replied: “What I would say, I’ve had many constituency cases over the years of people who’ve changed their trading arrangements with the European Union as a result of different frictions whether its postal costs changing, whether its border controls and so on.”

Asked if this meant she was telling people not to buy from Europe, the MP said: “I’m not saying that. I’m just saying that businesses need to adapt to meet the changing environment. There are huge opportunities for the rest of the world.”

However, she then said “there are many parts of the United Kingdom that are flower growers themselves” to which Burley replied: “So she shouldn’t buy from Europe? That’s what you’re saying. That’s exactly what you’re saying.”

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Many took to Twitter/X to criticise Leadsom, Plaid Cymru MP Liz Saville-Roberts said: “Brexiteers peddled lies about cheap food and slashed red tape. Andrea Leadsom and her ilk must be held responsible for the impact of their own policies when they run headlong into reality.

“Brexit has failed – it’s time to rejoin the single market.”

Another post from The New European said: “Here’s Andrea Leadsom literally using the phrase ‘come home to roost’ about the Brexit she did so much to foist upon Britain. Shameless much?”