SCOTTISH Labour have been accused of doing “absolutely nothing” on the challenges facing Scotland after Brexit

SNP MSP Clare Adamson, who is convener of the Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee, attacked Anas Sarwar’s party over the tabling of an amendment to a Holyrood debate which failed to take a pro-EU position.

External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson led the Scottish Parliament debate with a motion stating that “Scotland’s economic, social and political future is best served by being part of the EU”.

An amendment lodged by Labour MSP Neil Bibby, however, suggested the motion should instead state the country would be best served with "Scottish and UK Labour administrations”.

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The SNP pointed out a series of previous statement made on Brexit by Labour including  in 2017, when Sarwar stated that only permanent membership of the single market and customs union would be an alternative to the “Tory Brexit shambles” that would protect trade and jobs and protect against austerity.

Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan used a speech in January to highlight that the cost of Brexit to the UK’s economy was £140billion, describing it as a ‘key contributor’ to the current cost-of-living crisis.

Meanwhile Jeremy Miles, who is one of the candidates running to become Wales's new Labour first minister has said he backs the UK rejoining the EU single market.

SNP MSP Adamson, said: “Scottish Labour have finally shown their true colours: backing Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit deal, whatever the cost to Scotland.

“Despite the fact that, since leaving the EU, food prices have skyrocketed while businesses have struggled under the strain of trade barriers and workforce shortages, Scottish Labour have confirmed that they propose to do absolutely nothing to change this.

“As Anas Sarwar caters to Westminster’s every command, the needs and wishes of the Scottish people are being cast aside and the future of our country sacrificed for short-term political gain.

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“The SNP is the only party that is standing up for Scotland’s values, unequivocally advocating for Scotland to re-join the EU and single market so that we may once again reap the many benefits of EU membership.

“Scottish Labour may be willing to disregard Scotland’s values and priorities, but the SNP remains firmly committed to a brighter future for Scotland, as a fully independent nation in the EU.”

MSPs backed the Government motion saying the Scottish Parliament “believes that Scotland’s economic, social and political future is best served by being part of the EU”.

It passed with 64 votes in favour and 49 against, with one abstention.

The Labour amendment was defeated by 97 votes to 17.