KEIR Starmer has been accused of a “betrayal” of Scottish voters after reports that he was set to ditch a key green investment pledge.

Labour have already watered down their promise to invest £28 billion in green projects every year while in power, instead saying they will aim to ramp up to that level of spending across the first parliamentary term and any spending must fit their fiscal rules.

Last week, SNP politicians at Holyrood used a debate to pressure Scottish Labour to back calls for the UK Government to “urgently increase green investment to at least £28bn a year”.

Nineteen of Scottish Labour’s MSPs backed the motion, with the group’s net zero spokesperson Sarah Boyack saying “Labour will deliver”.

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However, late on Monday ITV’s Robert Peston reported that the £28bn pledge was “set to be consigned to the dustbin of history, probably within days”.

Peston quoted a “senior Labour source” as saying the party was set to ditch the promise altogether because it was being used against them by the Tories.

The source said: “[Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves] is quite clear that it’s the green initiatives that matter, not the symbolism of £28bn. That’s why it makes sense to ditch any part of the policy that can be abused to damage us.”

Ed Miliband, Labour’s shadow energy secretary, was said to have spoken against ditching the pledge.

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Any confirmed U-turn will be humiliating for him given his position and previous statements such as: “Some people don’t want Britain to borrow to invest in the green economy. They want us to back down. But Keir, Rachel and I will never let that happen.

“Britain needs this £28bn a year plan and that is what we are committed to.”

Responding to reports of the imminent U-turn, the SNP’s energy spokesperson at Westminster said: “If this latest report is to be believed, then Sir Keir Starmer has once again abandoned voters in Scotland.

"In contrast, the SNP are in no doubt that the global race to net zero – and the investment that is required to achieve it – is essential to securing economic growth, energy security, skilled jobs and inward investment for Scotland.

"U-turning on that commitment is a betrayal to voters across Scotland who are reliant on our transition.

"With Westminster politicians like Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer refusing to invest properly in the sector – which could create more than 50,000 jobs for Scotland – our long-term energy security is in jeopardy.

"It's clear that only the SNP are willing to stand up for Scotland's energy interest, and harness the full potential of the green energy goldrush that is currently sweeping across the US and EU which, in turn, will benefit our economy."

Political commentator and National contributor Owen Jones hit out at Starmer. He wrote on social media: “Keir Starmer hasn't just dumped the pledges he made to become Labour leader. He's dumped the pledges he made since becoming leader.

“It's now very difficult to see the meaningful difference between Labour or the Tories. Largely all that's left is vibes.”