FIRST Minister Humza Yousaf is set to address EU ambassadors about the crisis in Gaza during a visit to London.

The FM is set to speak to representatives from all 27 European Union (EU) countries on Tuesday, and is expected to reiterate his calls for a ceasefire.

It comes after Foreign Secretary David Cameron threatened to withdraw co-operation with Scottish ministers after UK officials were reportedly not given enough notice to attend a meeting with Yousaf and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan at COP28.

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Yousaf’s latest meeting has been arranged by Pedro Serrano, EU ambassador to the UK, the Herald reports.

The FM is understood to be set to reiterate his call for a ceasefire, and has previously condemned Israel’s push for “ethnic cleansing” after officials called for the "resettlement of the population of Gaza".

Yousaf became the first UK leader to do so, and has criticised Westminster politicians for refusing to commit to a full ceasefire.

He is also believed to be due to discuss the International Court of Justice ruling, where Israel was ordered to take all measures in its power to prevent genocide.

The UK Government previously announced it was pausing funding to a UN relief agency after Israel alleged that 12 employees were involved in the October 7 attacks.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) said last week it had sacked "several" employees over the accusations, with the Foreign Office pulling funding "whilst we review these concerning allegations".

However, the FM insisted that a BBC report stating that the Scottish Government had pulled funding for the agency, was incorrect.

We previously told how Yousaf accused the Foreign Secretary of being “really petty and frankly misguided” after he threatened to revoke support for the Scottish Government’s overseas activities.

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Cameron has sent a letter to Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson after Yousaf’s COP28 meeting with Erdogan, claiming that it had breached devolution protocols.

He claimed UK officials were not given “sufficient advance notice” of the arrangements, a suggestion denied by the Scottish Government.

And, Scottish Secretary Alister Jack fumed as he told a Commons committee that the Erdogan meeting was not the only breach of devolution rules by Scottish ministers at the climate summit.