SCOTLAND’S green sector has delivered more electricity than Scotland used for the first time.

The latest statistics show that renewable technologies generated the equivalent of 113% of Scotland’s overall energy consumption in 2022, the latest statistics show.

This is the highest recorded to date, and marks a 26 percentage point increase compared to 2021.

Reacting to the news, Energy Secretary Neil Gray (below) said it was a “significant milestone in Scotland’s journey to net zero.

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“For the first time Scotland has produced more renewable electricity than it consumed, demonstrating the enormous potential of Scotland’s green economy.

“Scotland has the skills, talent and natural resources to become a global renewables powerhouse,” he said.

The Scottish Government has said it is taking action to scale up renewable technologies to transform and expand Scotland’s clean energy generation sector.

“Our ambition is not only to generate enough green electricity to power Scotland’s homes and businesses, but also export electricity to our neighbours, supporting jobs here in Scotland and the decarbonisation ambitions of our partners.

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“The significant growth in renewables will deliver a climate friendly energy system that delivers affordable, resilient and clean energy supplies for Scotland’s households, businesses and communities.

“We will soon be publishing our Green Industrial Strategy setting out the steps we will take to maximise the benefits that Scotland’s abundant natural resources can deliver in creating new jobs and opportunities across the country.

“But in a number of areas progress is being held back by factors such as grid capacity and the lack of a market mechanism for the likes of pumped hydro storage, which is why we need urgent investment from the UK Government now and more consistent commitment to the industry in the years ahead.”

Meanwhile, SNP MSP Jackie Dunbar, who sits on the Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee said the statistics showed Scotland "is punching well above its weight in delivering on renewable energy targets". 

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"Under the SNP, Scotland is taking the global climate emergency seriously - unlike the talking heads in Westminster," she said. 

"Scotland is a renewable energy powerhouse and there is a global energy race to net zero - if the UK takes us out of that race the damage will be catastrophic, with far reaching consequences. 

"These figures show that Scotland has the resources and the ambition to be fully self-sufficient in renewable energy as an independent country - but this momentum will be wasted under any Tory or Labour UK government, who have both watered down their own climate commitments so much, the time to act is slipping through our fingers."