IN the run-up to the General Election, you'll be able to use this interactive map as a way to see candidates and the latest result predictions for every seat in Scotland.

The map uses the new constituency boundaries, which will be in play for the first time at this 2024 Westminster election and see Scotland's number of MPs cut by two.

It will also be updated every week to include more confirmed candidates and reflect the latest polling results.

Who are the election candidates in my area 

As of February the poll shows the results of the most recent UK-wide mega-poll; a Find Out Now and Electoral Calculus study, which saw 18,000 voters surveyed over the last three weeks.

What does the polling show?

There will be no Scottish Tory MPs in the House of Commons after the next General Election, according to the poll.

The SNP would also once again emerge as the largest party north of the Border, securing a majority of 40 seats, with Labour returning 13 and the LibDems four. 

Check back between now and the General Election (whenever it may be held) to see the latest developments. 

How do I use the map?

At the top of the map there is an option to search for a specific constituency. You can also use ctrl + scroll to zoom in and out if you're on a laptop. On a mobile or tablet, use two fingers to zoom. 

If you cannot find your constituency, remember that many have changed names as a result of boundary changes. Click here to make sure you know your constituency.