A top director has revealed plans to make a 'Glasgow Godfather' film starring Martin Compston.

Jon S Baird, whose work includes Filth starring James McAvoy, is currently working on a script for a picture based on the city's criminal underworld.

He is keen for Line of Duty star Compston to feature in it - and admitted that fellow Scottish stars Dougray Scott and Tony Curran are keen to be involved.

Speaking on Compston's Restless Natives podcast, Baird said: "I have always wanted to do something in Scotland again but on a big scale and get everybody together.

"Myself and Gregory Burke, a really great Scottish writer, have just started writing a script.

"It's based on the Glasgow underworld but it's a Scottish version of The Godfather. It's tasty.

"I was at the Bafta Scotland awards and I literally whispered to one person 'We're going to be doing this Scottish Godfather'

"Half an hour later I had Dougray and Tony Curran up at me going 'What's all this?'."

He added: "There is an array of Scottish talent and I want to get everybody in.

"This is the first time I have talked about it and I'm so excited about it.

"We have written the first outline and we are talking to film companies and studios now. There is a lot of interest in it."