STEPHEN Flynn has said that no SNP MPs will be entering the House of Lords during his tenure as leader of the party at Westminster.

Speaking to ITV programme Representing Border, Flynn was asked whether he believed the SNP should begin taking up seats in the House of Lords.

It comes after an article in The Times reported that former SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford suggested “the party should drop its opposition to membership of the House of Lords to increase nationalist influence in London” during a meeting with student journalists.

Following the story, an SNP spokesperson said Blackford would never take a seat in the unelected chamber and that the House of Lords should be abolished.

Journalist Peter MacMahon asked Flynn if he agreed with Blackford’s comments.

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“Ian Blackford’s also said that he thinks your party should take seats in the House of Lords. He’s your predecessor, he led the group here.

“His argument is it’s a revising chamber, you should be in there to help revise policies. A current example would be Rwanda, for example.

“Do you agree?”

Flynn replied: “No”.

Pressed to expand upon his answer, he continued: “The House of Lords is a corrupt institution, one which is anarchic, one which rewards people based upon, in some instances, simply who they were born to.

“There will be no SNP MPs entering the House of Lords or indeed any SNP members entering the House of Lords on my watch”.

On Tuesday evening, SNP MP Joanna Cherry criticised Blackford’s comment and suggested he was gunning for a peerage.

She said in a post on X/Twitter: “Hhmmmm let me guess? [thinking emoji] Could it be because you want a peerage? [facepalm emoji]”.

Responding to Flynn’s comments, she said: “Thank you Stephen.

“While there are respectable arguments to be made for accountable second houses or revising chambers this hare of SNP peerages in the House of Lords needed knocking on the head as it is categorically not SNP policy.”