A MAN who was part of a group holding a white flag in a Gaza “safe zone” was shot dead in the street minutes after giving an interview on how they wanted to save their families.

In an interview with ITV, one English-speaking man said his family had fled Gaza City when the war began and that his family were now running away again, this time abandoning Khan Younis to head for Rafah.

He told a cameraman working for ITV News: “Nowhere is safe in Gaza. Everywhere you find the Israeli Army. They shoot us at home, in any building and in the street.”

Just moments later, footage captured the civilian being shot dead in the street.

One man, who was named Ramzi Abu Sahloul, was also among the group of five males standing still with their hands up and brandishing a white flag and had told ITV he was trying to reach his mother and brother to lead them out of harm's way. 

Once the interview had been complete, the cameraman walked away before turning back to get one last picture before a number of shots could be heard.

The man had been shot in the chest and one of the men placed the flag on his wounds.

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As the group tried to carry Sahloul's body to safety, there was more gunfire and it seems as though the group was still being targeted.

Eventually, they managed to get the 51-year-old's body to safety, where the footage showed his wife mourning the loss. 

ITV News says that when it approached the Israel Defence Forces for comment, it claimed it was not aware of the incident.

When asked specifically for an interview, the IDF said “the video is clearly edited and we have no way to comment”.

The Palestinian death toll in Gaza from more than three months of war has now surpassed 25,000, according to the Gaza Health Ministry, while more than 62,000 people have been wounded.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to keep up the offensive until Hamas is dismantled and all hostages are returned.