A JOURNALIST has criticised the “insane” premise of a question she was asked about the bombing of Houthis in Yemen on Sky News.

The UK Government has joined the US in carrying out airstrikes against Houthi targets after the group disrupted the global commercial shipping route in the Red Sea.

The Iranian-backed military group say they are targeting vessels headed for Israel as a way of supporting Palestine as Israel continues its bombardment of Gaza, where more than 25,000 people have been killed since October 7.

Attacks on commercial ships by Houthis have been taking place since November, forcing many vessels to take a significant detour around the Cape of Good Hope and more than doubling insurance premiums for shipping companies operating within the area.

Foreign Secretary David Cameron has said Houthi attacks on commercial ships are “unacceptable”, with the UK joining the US in carrying out airstrikes in Yemen.

On Monday night journalist and filmmaker Dr Myriam Francois appeared on the Sky News programme The World with Yalda Hakim.

At one point, she was asked whether Joe Biden should have acted quicker in launching airstrikes against Houthis.

Hakim said: “Dr Francois, there are many who are saying the Biden administration, frankly, should have acted sooner and faster.

“That hundreds of billions of dollars has been put at risk because the Houthis have held this area in the Red Sea at ransom.”

Francois replied: “So, let me just get this straight Yalda. We are bombing one of the poorest countries in the world that has been under a humanitarian blockade.

“There has been famine, these people have been decimated.

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“And we’re bombing them because a couple of guys in dinghies in support for the Palestinians, who are having a genocide committed against them, they’re objecting to that and we’re bombing them?

“Come on, now. This is just an insane world. I’m so sorry your Amazon packages are delayed, I really am. Like, I wish mine came on time.

“But, you know, genocide, guys, genocide. There are two mothers a day dying in Gaza right now.

“It’s 109 days into a conflict in which a humanitarian crisis has been declared to the world day in, day out.”

Francois was praised on social media for her “sublime reply” to Hakim’s question.

One Twitter/X user said: “This lady does a remarkable job of putting things in some proper perspective”.