A former honorary consul for Mongolia in Scotland has been convicted of sexually assaulting a woman.

David Scott preyed on his victim at a flat in Glasgow's Kelvindale on June 12 2021.

The woman initially pretended to be asleep as the married 50-year-old kissed and groped her before trying to shove the predator away.

Scott - a well-known adventurer who raised thousands for those in need in the East Asian country including setting up orphanages - was given the ambassadorial role as honorary consul for Mongolia in Scotland in 2011.

The symbolic role meant Scott was able help provide any Mongolians who travelled here with advice and also helped establish trade links between the two countries.

He was also given the privilege of kicking off the 2014 Mongolian Premier League season as a guest of honour.

But, shamed Scott now faces jail after he was found guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to sexually assaulting the woman.

Scott, of Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire, was bailed and is due to learn his fate next month.

The charge states that he repeatedly kissed the victim on the mouth, seized her by the neck and pulled her towards him.

Scott also repeatedly groped the woman and undid her clothing leaving her exposed at one stage.

He then bit her before he touched her inappropriately and tried to perform the sex act.

Scott had earlier hosted a charity event that the victim also happened to be at.

In her closing speech, fiscal Jessica McGowan told jurors that the later attack left the victim "broken".

She said: "The woman verbalised her lack of consent - she told him to stop, to get off and that she didn't want that.

"She is a woman who physically demonstrated her lack of consent, she pushed him away."

Miss McGowan stated that the woman was "upset" and told a taxi driver after fleeing his clutches that a "guy tried it on with her who would not take no for an answer."

The fiscal also referred to text messages sent by the woman a few days later describing Scott as "awful" and she "won't be alone with him and will avoid him."

She added: "She says she tried to sleep but took a taxi when she realised she wasn't safe (after) she felt him on top of her."

The victim was also to said have used the "tactic" of pretending to sleeping hoping Scott would leave her.

The court heard DNA helped link Scott to the crime.

Scott gave evidence and claimed he had "no intention" to have sex that evening although insisted he had consensually touched the woman's breast.

He told his lawyer Sarah Livingstone: "Given my position as a married man I had some regrets that I kissed her, but beyond that I did not think of much else."

Scott even described his victim as "twisted".

Miss McGowan went on to put to him that a level of Scott's success has been taken away from him as a result of the allegations.

He replied: "I voluntarily stepped back from some things."

Scott stated that someone with the consul role would have to have an "impeccable character and reputation."

Sentence was deferred pending background reports until next month by Sheriff Gerard Bonnar.

Scott was put on the sex offenders register meantime.