SCOTTISH Labour’s selection process for choosing a Westminster candidate in Glenrothes has once again been thrown into disarray.

Last month, senior Labour councillor Altany Craik was forced to withdraw from the selection contest after concerns were raised by party HQ about the racy content of his novels.

Craik is the author of around 16 books, many of which follow the story of a priest investigating the occult.

However, a party source claimed there were anxieties about Craik standing because some felt his novels were “too sexy and Satanic”.

The councillor withdrew from the race to become an MP, citing “family reasons”.

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It left Fife College lecturer Lynn Davis running uncontested to be Labour’s candidate in Glenrothes.

Now, she has also withdrawn from the contest after what she described as “an exceptionally challenging” few months.

A party insider told The Courier that it could mean drafting in a candidate who has already been rejected in a different constituency.

“Now there’s nobody left standing for Labour in Glenrothes and Mid Fife and the party will need to find someone else,” they said.

“We still don’t know what’s going to happen with Altany, although he has a meeting with the party next week.

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“That will go over the reasons why he’s not being allowed to stand.

“They haven’t even set a date to pick a candidate yet.

“What happens if Rishi Sunak calls a general election tomorrow?”

Party members in Glenrothes are reportedly concerned about the parachuting in of a candidate unfamiliar with the area, which they believe they have a chance of winning.