CAMPAIGN organisation Believe in Scotland (BiS) has launched its "Big 2024 Independence Movement Survey" for Yes activists across Scotland.

The survey went live online on Friday and will assist the umbrella organisation in planning its 2024 independence campaign.

The form – which can be found here – is composed of 20 questions, ranging from EU membership to communication within the Yes movement.

The survey introduction states: "Can 2024 be the year independence takes and sustains a lead in the polls? How confident are you on the road to independence?

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"Are you up for it, or scunnered by political roadblocks? What's your activity and motivation level? Who should make the running now, the grassroots or still the politicians?"

Results of the survey will be published later this month, ahead of the group's Scottish independence congress on Saturday, February 17.

The online congress will consist of panel discussions, live voting and presentations on campaign strategy.

The National: Believe in Scotland stewards at the Edinburgh rally

The full agenda for the event will be made available in due course.

Believe in Scotland currently has 142 affiliated grassroots Yes Groups with its campaign managed by a national campaign steering group.

The group consists of elected representatives from 17 regions across Scotland and representatives from 10 national campaigning groups

Each group can send along two voting delegates to the congress.