JEREMY Vine appeared to be won over by an incredible pitch for Scottish independence

The presenter was speaking on his show, Jeremy Vine on 5 on Thursday, when he asked journalist (and The National columnist) Lesley Riddoch whether the Scottish independence dream was dead. 

He asked: "Scotland's quest for independence has peaked and it will never go back to where it was in 2014, correct or not?" 

Riddoch then clarified that she was pro-independence herself before stating: "No matter what's been happening to the SNP, support for independence is still sitting at 50%, and we're not going away."

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She said that may seem "extraordinary" to people, but added: "In the same way that people don't decide after they've lost a General Election, they'll go home and just forget what they intended in the first place, it's not going to change."

Riddoch then praised the Scottish Child Payment, which she said has been described as "the only thing" that has made an impact on child poverty in Europe for the last 40 years. 

This argument came from poverty expert Professor Danny Dorling of Oxford University, who spoke highly of the payment in an interview with The National last year.

She went on: "We've not got strikes in the health service at the moment because, what's the point? You've a need to reach a consensus with people. And respect trade unions.

"We've not voted Tory except three times in the 1950s, when those governments produced council houses."

The journalist then said Scotland is a "different country". 

She said: "We want to be able to get the governments we vote for, that's not going to change."

An enthusiastic Vine then thanked Riddoch, saying it was "food for thought". 

As the guests nodded approvingly, he added: "We're all, like, banging the table here."