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“WHAT country in Britain had its parliament abolished in 1707?”

No, it’s not a trick question. Instead, it was a part of the opening quiz round on Thursday’s episode of the hit ITV series The Chase.

Host Bradley Walsh was giving quick-fire questions to the first contestant when eagle-eared social media users heard the rather odd one.

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“What country in Britain had its parliament abolished in 1707?”

“Scotland,” the answer quickly came.

“Correct,” Walsh said.

Except, was it?

If Scotland’s parliament was abolished in 1707, that’ll be news to us.

And if that is the case, England’s was abolished at the same time, which renders the question a bit tricky.

As the UK Parliament's website correctly states: "The Act of Union of 1707 merged England and Scotland into a single state of Great Britain and created a single Parliament at Westminster."

Scotland’s Parliament was of course reconvened in 1999. So really, it's England without one.

The Chase’s error was noted by James Campbell (@J4m35c4mpb3ll) on social media, who wrote: “Check this out folks it’s a belter.”

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Responding, one person noted: “Didn't England lose their parliament as well when Scotland asked them to join in the Union??”

“Spotted that, suspended, not abolished,” another added.

A third wrote: “Unbelievable, and I like the @ITVChase, but that’s well out of order!”

To rub salt in the wound, the person being asked the question was none other than “Roz, a 39-year-old piano teacher from Glasgow”.

No wonder she said Scotland.

The Jouker has asked ITV if it will be correcting the record.