A TORY MP has been called out for his “misogynist” language after calling a female politician “hysterical”.

Liam Fox was accused of sexism in the Commons on Wednesday night when he took a dig at SNP MP Alison Thewliss during a debate on the Government’s Rwanda bill.

The former minister spoke after the Glasgow Central MP and was heckled by her when he called the asylum seeker deportation scheme a deterrent.

Thewliss could be heard shouting “what deterrent”, to which the Tory MP replied: “The honourable lady has had her hysterical say, I will have mine.”

Thewliss shouted “misogynist” as he continued his speech, in which he urged Tory rebels who felt the bill was not strong enough to back it anyway, saying: “This is the one chance that we get to pass this legislation.”

Labour MP Fleur Anderson also accused the North Somerset MP, who was born and raised in East Kilbride, of misogyny.

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She said: “I also am shocked to hear a member calling another member, a female member, hysterical, it’s a classic […] misogynistic term and I was shocked to hear it.”

Thewliss accused the Government of operating like the criminal gangs behind people trafficking across the Channel.

She said: “This bill amounts to nothing more and nothing less than state-sponsored people trafficking.”

Fox was approached for comment.