LABOUR aren’t the “least bit interested” in devolving more powers to Scotland, an SNP MP has said.

It comes after a Westminster bid to give Holyrood the power to legislate for a Scottish independence referendum failed on Tuesday.

Neale Hanvey, the Alba party’s group leader at Westminster, had proposed a Scotland (Self-Determination) Bill, which looked to amend the Scotland Act 1998 to transfer the power to hold an independence vote to the Scottish Parliament.

The division list showed 38 SNP MPs and Conservative Philip Hollobone, the MP for Kettering, were among the MPs to support the bill.

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But while just 57 Tory MPs emerged to reject the proposal, a whopping 147 Labour figures voted it down. There were also 13 LibDems MPs among those voting no. 

Now, SNP MP Chris Law has said that the fact all Labour MPs present – including both Scottish Labour MPs, Ian Murray and Michael Shanks – voted against the bill “clearly demonstrates that they aren’t the least bit interested in giving the people of Scotland the powers it needs to determine their own future”.

He added that any “reasonable person” could see this looking at a “whipped Labour party”.

The prospect of Labour devolving more powers to Scotland if Keir Starmer wins at the General Election later this year has been deemed far-fetched by some after several notable U-turns.

In September last year Scottish Labour MSPs didn’t support a motion calling for the devolution of employment law – despite a manifesto pledge to back the policy.

The National: RUTHERGLEN, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 8: Anas Sarwar, Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, is seen giving a speech at Rutherglen Town Hall on January 8, 2024 in Rutherglen, Scotland. The Scottish Labour leader delivered his new year speech.  (Photo by Peter

Sarwar’s party’s 2021 Scottish election manifesto stated: “We support further devolution of powers to Holyrood including borrowing and employment rights, with a UK floor that would encourage a race to the top on workers’ terms and conditions.”

The Scottish Labour leader had also previously supported devolution of drug laws to Holyrood, but also U-turned and backed Westminster control over the legislation.

Tommy Sheppard – SNP MP for Edinburgh East – also took aim at Scottish Labour.

He said: "With Labour MPs like Ian Murray and Michael Shanks voting against more powers for the Scottish Parliament and Scotland's democratic right to choose our own future, it's clear voting SNP at the General Election is the only way to make Scotland's voice heard and put Scotland's future in Scotland's hands.”

He added that the SNP are the “only party” that will press for more powers for the Scottish Parliament.