THE Met Office has issued a yellow warning of snow and ice for the whole of Scotland on Tuesday.

A warning is currently in place for the north of the country, with a yellow alert for wind also covering Shetland, as cold air from the Arctic brings chilly temperatures.

The snow alert will remain in place for the north and Orkney and Shetland on Monday but on Tuesday the warning will expand across the whole of Scotland, north west England and Northern Ireland.

Northern Scotland should be prepared for snow to continue right into Wednesday and Thursday, as well as areas on and near the south west coast such as Stranraer.

The Met Office is suggesting there could be 5 to 10cm of snow in some low-lying areas.

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Met Office meteorologist Honor Criswick said: “It is going to be feeling pretty chilly in the north of Scotland.

“Throughout the week we are going to see more and more snow showers and warnings, towards the end of the week we will probably see an accumulation.

“The warning is of 2cm to 5cm of snow, throughout the week there is the possibility we will see a build up of snow.

“The top temperature for Aberdeen is 2C on Sunday but it will probably feel cooler.

"Snow showers will be moving inland throughout the course of the day.

“On Tuesday, we are going to see more rain turning to snow moving east across the country, with more prolonged snow and more accumulations at low levels in the north of Scotland and northern England.

“That’s where we could see 5cm or 10cm of snow in low-lying areas.

“There’s a very low chance the south might see a bit of it.”

Scots should brace themselves for travel delays on roads, power cuts, and possible disruption to rail and air travel.