THE General Election race in Scotland between the SNP and Labour is too close to call, a new poll has suggested.

The latest survey, from Redfield and Wilton Strategies, was published on Friday afternoon.

It predicted that both the SNP and Labour would win 35% of the vote at a General Election in Scotland.

The Tories were far behind both parties, on 17%. The LibDems polled at 9%, the Greens at 2%, Reform at 2%, and “other” parties were on a combined 1%.

The poll also suggested that Scots are split down the middle on independence.

It found that 47% of people said they would vote to remain in the Union, while 46% said they would vote Yes in a referendum.

At Holyrood, the poll gave the SNP a five-point lead over Labour in the constituency vote, by 37% to 32%. The Tories were on 18%, the LibDems 8%, the Greens 3%, and Reform on 1%. Alba polled at 0%.

However, in the regional list vote, Labour had a five-point lead over the SNP. Anas Sarwar’s group polled at 30% to Humza Yousaf’s 25%. The Tories were on 17%, the Greens 11%, the LibDems 10%, Reform on 4%, and Alba on 2%.

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Elsewhere in the polling, SNP leader Yousaf's approval rating had climbed by eight points, but remained negative on -6. 

Keir Starmer, Labour's leader, also saw a jump in approval, rising 10 points. He now has a net approval in Scotland of +11, the poll found.

Rishi Sunak also saw an approval rating increase of eight points, but he remains firmly in the negative on -24%.

Redfield and Wilton interviewed 1040 people in Scotland between January 9 and 11. 

The polling further found that the economy is the most important issue for Scottish voters, followed by the NHS. Immigration came in third, education fourth, and independence/the Union came fifth.

The news comes after Yousaf and Stephen Flynn officially launched the SNP’s General Election campaign.

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Yousaf urged voters to back his party over Labour to prevent Scotland being “ignored” by a government led by Keir Starmer.

He also highlighted how the SNP are in second place in the six Scottish seats the Tories won in the 2019 elections, saying that voting Labour in those constituencies would not help to end Conservative rule.

“Time after time, when people are looking for leadership, Labour under Keir Starmer has been posted missing,” he said.

“With Labour leading the Tories by 20-25 points in the polls, this would be the time for Keir Starmer to be bold and to be radical.

“Instead, he spends his time attempting to neutralise Tory attacks by imitating their policies.”

You can find the full results of the Redfield and Wilton poll here.