CAROL Vorderman has announced she will be hosting a new regular show on LBC.

The presenter has previously hosted shows with the broadcaster and took to Twitter/X to confirm her new Sunday night slot.

She said: “I’m genuinely delighted to be joining the @lbc family from today. Sundays 4pm-7pm every week.

“I’ve been dying to tell you for ages. Live radio is an incredibly important platform, never more so than in this election year.

The National:

“YOUR stories. YOUR views. Join me.”

A number of people in the comments offered their congratulations to Vorderman.

The former Countdown star previously left her weekly BBC Radio Wales programme in November after breaching the broadcasters social media guidelines.

The show will be “packed with opinion and intelligent debate,” the station said. They added it will see Vorderman “tackling the biggest stories and issues that matter to LBC’s audiences across the UK”.

Vorderman is an outspoken critic of the UK Government on Twitter/X. We previously told how a Tory minister sparked a backlash after claiming the presenter has a “s**t lonely life”.

She also recently hit back at a Tory peer who suggested on GB News she should not be a political commentator because she posts images of going to the gym on Instagram.

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Shaun Bailey said: “On one hand she’s got all that stuff on Twitter, oh you know she’s a ‘serious political commentator’.

“Then if you look at her Instagram it’s all pictures of her bums and her boobs. So what is it? What is it here? She can’t be both.”

Vorderman accused the Tory peer of being “sexist” and said: “Tory #SexistShaun thinks women shouldn’t be taken serious politically if they have a ‘bum and boobs’ (pretty restrictive really).”