GOOGLE has fixed a bug that told drivers to head down a set of stairs in central Edinburgh.

The news comes after two cars became stuck on the same steps off Leith Walk at the foot of Calton Hill, Edinburgh Live reported.

Images shared online showed a white Vauxhall stuck on Greenside Lane, by the Theatre Royal Bar.

The vehicle initially became stuck at around 8:30pm on December 19 and had to wait overnight before being rescued, Deadline reported.

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“I thought he was just mounting the pavement until I heard the huge crunch,” one user wrote on Twitter/X.

"The absolute determination not to fit bollards to protect people from drivers just keeps paying dividends in Edinburgh," a second added.

The route was previously driveable, but pavement now divides the road from the lane and steps have been installed.

On social media, one user shared two images of cars stuck on the same staircase. “Try going down Greenside Lane! [Clue: Don’t],” they wrote.

The National:

The second vehicle, a white Toyota taxi, reportedly became stuck in the same spot one week later.

Sharing an image of the trapped car, one user wrote on Twitter/X: “Would this be illegal under the parking ban or would it be covered under some other law? (I'm still just confused on how this happened to begin with.)”

A second wrote: “Old, un-updated, satnav software, from when that was actually a passable entry to Greenside Lane.”

A spokesperson for Google said the error had been “fixed” after it was flagged by Edinburgh Live.

The US firm’s maps service now shows steps at the entrance to Greenside Lane from Leith Walk, and directs people to drive around it.