AN SNP MP has said that she is “furious” with the Labour Party after none of the party’s MPs attended a debate on the cost of living crisis.

On Tuesday, David Linden, the SNP MP for Glasgow East, secured a debate on the impact of the cost of living crisis in Scotland.

The debate took place in Westminster Hall from around 4pm yesterday and was followed by a video on Twitter/X from MP Anne McLaughlin.

In it, she said that not a single Labour MP appeared at the debate.

“I’m absolutely furious. It was a debate about the cost of living and its impact on Scotland. Guess how many people from the Labour Party turned up? Guess how many Labour MPs turned up? None. Not a single one,” the MP said.

Scottish Tory MP John Lamont appeared at the debate and responded to a number of the points raised by Linden.

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She continued: “And then you got their colleagues in the Tory Party responding. The minister responded.

“Guess how many interventions he took? A few. Guess how many of those were SNP interventions? None.

“Wouldn’t allow any of us, including David (below), to intervene on him at all. I’m so sick of this. But I’m particularly, particularly scunnered at the Labour Party.

The National:

“Why did you not show up? Are you not interested, after all, in the cost of living and what effects Scotland?”

This isn’t the first time Labour have dodged a debate on the cost of living as we told in May last year how not a single backbench MP put themselves forward to speak in a debate on the cost of living.

At the time, SNP MP Peter Grant claimed that there were “dozens” of Labour MPs sitting in Westminster’s “tea room” instead of attending the debate.