TWO people who were stranded in Glen Tilt have been escorted to safety by mountain rescue teams.

Search teams from Braemar Mountain Rescue (BMR) in Aberdeenshire and Tayside Mountain Rescue were on hand to escort two people who had got stuck in heavy snow conditions.

The glen is situated in the north of Perthshire, and runs for around 11 miles from the village of Blair Atholl to the remote Falls of Tarf in the eastern Highlands.

The route is popular with walkers, mountain bikers and those looking to enjoy the scenery.

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BMR posted a video and images on Twitter/X late on Thursday evening as they looked to trace the two stranded people in question.

They described it as “proper winter weather” when the search was under way and that, with the help of the Tayside team, the two people were escorted south.

The Braemar team provide rescue response to the southern Cairngorms, Glenshee, Lochnagar and Deeside areas.

The team is encouraging anyone who may require assistance in Scotland’s mountains to first contact Police Scotland in an emergency and ask for mountain rescue.