POLICE in Italy and France are searching for a Dundee cyclist who lost contact with his family near Monaco.

Steven Harper had set out to cycle from Dundee to India, but his last message to family on November 23 told of how he had boiled and ate potentially "deadly" mushrooms he found while foraging.

He had also been robbed of his bike, wallet and passport in Barcelona. 

The Foreign Office has confirmed that it is supporting the Harper family and liaising with local authorities in Italy, France and Monaco.

The 38-year-old's brother, who has flown to Nice to assist in the search, now plans to fly to Italy.

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In a post on Facebook, Dale Harper, a Dundee businessman, said: “I’ve walked the coastline from Roquebrune-Cap-Martin at Steven’s last known location to Ventimiglia yesterday.

“The day before we walked the coast from Ventimiglia to Sanremo.

“If Steven survived the mushrooms he would fit well in Italy and he would be able to survive going along the coast with very little to no money.”

Dale believes his brother would be able to survive with little cash as an experienced forager.

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He wrote: “The weather is getting very cold at night but days are still warm. There are showers and water taps all along the coast.

“There is fresh fruit hanging from the trees along with dates. Water and fruit sounds about right for Steven.

“The problem is not knowing and thinking he may be living in a debilitated state. We’re of the mindset he may also still have his guitar and may be busking along the route.

“We also believe he may be travelling via Autostop as it is illegal to hitchhike so he would get lifts at petrol stations.”

The missing Scot's brother stressed it was out of character for his brother not to stay in touch.

It is understood Stephen was heading to a spiritual retreat in northern Italy but he did not arrive.