A SCOTTISH pub has pointed the finger at inflation, surging utility costs, and the lack of business rates relief in the recent Scottish Budget as it announced it would be closing down.

The Auld House, on Edinburgh’s St Leonard's Street in the city’s southside, took aim at the SNP-Green government in a closing down post on social media.

The owners wrote: “That’s all for now folks, the Auld Hoose will remain closed until further notice.

“Thanks to all the staff and regulars over the years that have supported us. I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

“The cost of living crisis, surging utility costs, and food and drink inflation has made this small business challenging at best. Unfortunately the final straw has been the decision by the Scottish Government to not pass on the business rates relief that our friends in England enjoy.

“As a long standing member of the SNP I find their current stance on this matter extremely disappointing. What would seem to be an anti-business coalition with the Greens will put the final nail into the coffins of many small businesses such as mine.

“It’s also worth pointing out the UK has one of the highest VAT rates on hospitality in Europe. We already knew the UK Government doesn't care about hospitality, seems the Scot Gov is worse.

“I'm hoping the Government is listening, time for action!”

In the Scottish Budget, announced earlier in December, SNP Finance Secretary Shona Robison said her Government had prioritised health funding instead of business tax cuts.

As such, the Scottish Government failed to replicate 75% rates relief pledged south of the Border for leisure businesses such as restaurants and music venues.

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Speaking in Holyrood at the time, Tory MSP Murdo Fraser raised the difference in business support compared to England.

He said: “Doesn’t this just leave the much vaunted new deal for business in tatters?”

Robison replied: “Let’s be clear – Murdo Fraser has just put on the record that the Tories wanted us to follow the UK Tory government spending plans which would have meant that out of the £320 million available in consequentials this year, £260 million of that would have gone on tax cuts for business – not the NHS.

“Business tax cuts over NHS funding. That is not the priorities of the Scottish Government.”

Fraser again raised the issue after the Auld Hoose announced its closure.

“This is a tragedy which will be repeated across Scotland, which was entirely avoidable and is the direct consequence of SNP-Green Budget choices,” the Tory MSP wrote.

“They were warned this would happen but chose not to listen. The ‘New Deal for Business’ lies in tatters.”

The Scottish Government’s Budget did provide for business rates for premises valued under £51,000 to be frozen, while island hospitality businesses are set to be given a 100% rates relief – moves which were welcomed by industry.