RISHI Sunak has been spotted buying a total of six boxes of mince pies to hand out to key workers.

Footage shows the Prime Minister inside M&S Food in King’s Cross Station in London picking out the festive treats before he heads to his home in Richmond, North Yorkshire for the holidays.

He is expected to stay in his constituency until Christmas Day.

In January, leaked government e-mails revealed that Sunak had considered banning some key workers from joining a union.

Plans drawn up by officials in the department for business, energy and industrial strategy suggested that Border Force staff should be banned from being able to join a union.

This option was turned down only because it was seen as “difficult to justify” while complying with the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees the right for all workers in the UK to join a union.

The PM’s actions have been widely condemned as a “PR stunt” on social media.

Author Matthew Todd said on X/Twitter: “Utterly pathetic.

“Perhaps some of the Public are as thick as mince and sit there cooing over the multimillionaire Prime Minister handing out a few boxes of poxy mince pies to key workers as he runs the country into the ground”

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While one Green Party candidate said it beggared belief that Sunak could pretend to care about public sector staff after the UK Government refused to negotiate with junior doctors until they called off planned strike action in 2024.

Peter Underwood said: “Politicians often stage publicity stunts to highlight an issue or policy but what message are we supposed to get from this?

“Millionaire grabs a last minute box of mince pies to pretend he cares about his staff?

“This is the Christmas equivalent of garage flowers”.