KEIR Starmer is reportedly considering scaling back Labour’s £28 billion green investment plans.

The Labour leader has long promised that, if elected prime minister, his party would invest £28 billion in green capital investment every year until 2030.

After already delaying the commitment to borrow the money in the first-year of a Labour government and instead promising it would “ramp up” by the middle of their first parliament, it appears Labour are now considering diluting the pledge or even dropping it entirely.

According to The Guardian, Starmer and shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves are due to discuss the policy next month as several senior figures in the party call for it to be scrapped.

It comes amid concern that the Tories will utilise the policy as a battleground after Rishi Sunak rolled back on the UK’s net zero commitments earlier this year.

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An insider told the Guardian: “There will be a pivot in the new year and the £28bn price tag as it exists now is unlikely to survive that.

“Whatever ultimately happens will be a further watering down of the position.

“This will be the Tories’ number one area of attack so they need to deal with it.”

Speaking on X/Twitter, First Minister Humza Yousaf blasted Keir Starmer for considering yet another U-turn.

He said: “What does Starmer stand for?

“The closer he gets to No 10, the further he gets from his values.

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“The SNP will invest in unleashing our green energy potential, not just because it's the right thing to do by our planet but also because of the huge economic potential for Scotland.”

Campaign group Green New Deal Rising said the party stood to lose the backing of younger generations if the pledge was not retained.

“Without the £28 billion, Starmer has no plan for growth,” said Hannah Martin, co-director of the group.

“Starmer’s failure to find a backbone and stick to his pledges won’t be forgiven or forgotten by this generation, and will have real consequences for Labour at the ballot box.”

Last month, Labour denied reports Keir Starmer was planning on watering down the policy. 

The SNP’s Net Zero spokesperson, Dave Doogan MP, added: 

“Scotland is energy rich and has the potential to be a powerhouse of green energy - however, we are constantly being held back by Westminster’s lack of ambition.

“Despite the U-turns and inaction from Westminster, Scotland is leading the way in renewable energy and tackling climate change, with the £500m Just Transition fund and investing £100 million in renewable hydrogen projects.

“However, It is only with full energy powers can Scotland achieve a just transition towards renewable energy, realise a net-zero future and strive towards cheaper energy bills for all. Scotland has the energy, we just need the power.”