A RISE in grocery inflation has meant that a typical Christmas dinner will cost more than in previous years.

Research by Kantar found that the grocery inflation rate currently stands at 9.1%, affecting the cost of Christmas dinner staples.

The research found that the overall price of a basic Christmas dinner for four people will cost 15.4% more compared to Christmas 2021.

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Grocery inflation peaked at 19.2% in March.

Foods affected include:

  • Frozen turkey: £14.76 (+3.1%)
  • Parsnips: £0.62 (+3.3%)
  • Cauliflower: £1.07 (+3.9%)
  • Gravy granules: £1.05 (+4%)
  • Potatoes: £1.40 (+7.7%)
  • Carrots: £0.44 (+12.8%)
  • Cranberry sauce: £1.29 (+26.5%)

Whilst some items have fallen in price in recent years, research from this year indicates the cost of all items on the festive plate has increased.

This comes as a recent YouGov poll found that more than half of adults in the UK will spend less on Christmas Day due to rising costs.

The poll found that 52% of adults said they would be spending less, whilst 36% said they would be spending as much as they typically do, and only 3% said they expected to spend more than usual.

The poll took place on November 24 to 26 and surveyed 2138 adults.

The SNP’s economy spokesperson, Drew Hendry (below), blamed the increase in price on the “Tory-made cost of living crisis” and said that the only solution to the problem was through independence.

Screen grab from Parliament TV of SNP MP Drew Hendry
who has been suspended from the House of Commons after refusing to sit down and stop shouting during a Brexit debate. PA Photo. Picture date: Wednesday December 16, 2020. See PA st

Hendry said: “The Tory cost of living crisis and thirteen years of austerity agenda have sent the cost of Christmas soaring - creating real financial struggles for many families during what should be a time of joy.

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“But there’s no joy in having to fork out record sums for a Christmas dinner, especially during a year where food prices have peaked under a Westminster government with no grip on soaring inflation or household bills.

“It’s a damning indictment of how bad the situation has become when families can’t expect to be able to enjoy the holiday season, with many households' savings being wiped out entirely by the Tory-made cost of living crisis.

"Rather than delivering real and targeted support to deal with rocketing costs and bills, the Tory austerity agenda has instead imposed more hardship which will further entrench the poverty this failing UK government has caused.

“There’s no end in sight to the damaging Tory policies ravaging household finances, making it clear it’s not just Christmas many households in Scotland can’t afford - it’s the entire Westminster system.

“It's beyond any doubt that the only way to escape the broken Westminster system and tackle the cost of living crisis is with the full powers of independence."