A FIRST of its kind agreement has been signed between management and a trade union at a popular hospitality venue in Scotland.

The Stand Comedy club in Edinburgh has signed a voluntary recognition agreement with hospitality union Unite.

This comes after a majority of workers in the Glasgow club joined Unite, with the encouragement of management.

The National: Workers have celebrated the agreementWorkers have celebrated the agreement (Image: The Stand)

A voluntary recognition agreement is when a union reaches out to an employer to be recognised.

This means that, if agreed, the employer must listen to any concerns raised by the union and must engage with union workers in discussions around working conditions.

A union can only negotiate with an employer if it is properly recognised.

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One staff member working in the Edinburgh club praised the agreement, adding that they were “thankful to be able to champion the voices of the staff from within the company”, and that “the terms of our contracts reflect the industry’s best practices”.

“Long may it continue,” they added.

Already included in staff contracts is the Real Living Wage for all staff, minimum-hour contracts, transport for those working beyond 11pm, and all tips going directly to staff.

Commenting on the agreement, The Stand’s managing director Mike Jones said: “The Stand has always been a pro-union employer.

“We’re pleased to become the first live entertainment venue to enter into a voluntary recognition agreement with Unite, formalising our relationship and establishing a framework for partnership going forward.

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“It will ensure that the staff will continue to benefit from the best terms and conditions in the hospitality sector.

“As a Real Living Wage employer, providing our staff with fair work is key to the company’s development as we continue to re-build our business following lockdown”.

Bryan Simpson, lead organiser at Unite Hospitality, said: “This is such an important agreement, not just for the workers of The Stand clubs who will now benefit from some of the best terms and conditions in the sector, but is already resonating with workers in similar venues, giving them confidence that they too can collectively advocate for a fair work environment with better pay and stronger contracts.”