THE Scottish Government is expected to make a statement tomorrow on whether it will appeal a ruling on gender reform legislation, according to reports.

According to the The Herald, SNP ministers will abandon plans to appeal the Court of Session's recent finding that the UK Government was in the right when it used a Section 35 order to block the Gender Recognition Reform Bill.

The bill was passed overwhelmingly by MSPs last year but was subsequently blocked from becoming law by Scottish Secretary Alister Jack who made the unprecedented move to use a Section 35 order.

The legislation would make it easier for trans people to acquire a gender recognition certificate (GRC).

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It would remove the requirement for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria and reduce the time period for obtaining a GRC.

First Minister Humza Yousaf said recently: “We will consider legal advice, we’ll consider, of course, other factors with urgency and with pace.

"There’s a very narrow window, as you know, to make a decision on any appeal.

“We’ve not come to a decision yet because we have to consider, as I say, important issues like the legal advice."

But now while The Herald reports that while ministers think there is merit in appealing the Court of Session's decision, it adds it's felt the prospect of a successful appeal is too low.