PEOPLE have reacted with a mix of shock, concern and amusement to a recent viral video we shared on social media about the time Michelle Mone put The National on ‘legal notice’.

Amidst the headlines about the peer’s catastrophic interview with the BBC on Sunday – where she tried to convince viewers of her innocence when it comes to her relationship with the firm PPE Medpro – we published an article and video explaining a bizarre interaction we had with Mone earlier this year after we unearthed a video of her claiming Einstein lived in her home.

To be clear, the famous German physicist never even lived in Glasgow. But that didn’t stop a lengthy email exchange calling it a “pathetic enquiry”.

The video has since gone viral, with public figures from Jeremy Vine and Carol Vorderman to politicians including Stephen Flynn and Christina McKelvie reacting.

Vorderman said the claim indicated a “pattern”.

She tweeted in reaction to our video: “A little trail of Michelle Mone fibbing stories and how, when people have pointed them out, she then threatens. There's always a pattern.”

Vine called it “bizarre”, while columnist Ian Dunt said it was “incredible” and “defamatory incontinence”.

The SNP Westminster leader Flynn added: “Watch below to see a comical clip of @MichelleMone claiming that Albert Einstein lived in her house in Glasgow.

“Have been told that she will argue that it’s not actually *her* house.

“And it’s hardly a crime to lie about such things, is it?”