XL bullies are being hastily taken to a dog shelter in Scotland ahead of a ban on the breed in England and Wales. 

Following a spate of recent attacks and deaths, the UK Government promised to ban the breed before the end of the year.

Owners of the dogs in England and Wales are required to have their dogs muzzled and on a lead when in public by January 1.

However, they have until February to apply for an exemption to own the breed.

Any XL bullies left in rescue centres or kennels by January 1 will then be euthanised.

The Scottish Government has said it is “carefully considering the evidence as to whether changes to ban the XL Bully dogs and breed will be applied in Scotland”.

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However, Bedlay Gardens dog home based in North Lanarkshire claims to have rescued three dogs over the weekend after opening its doors to the breed before it becomes illegal to lawfully rehome or buy them down south.

They have also started a crowdfunder to raise funds for the rescued dogs.

So far, it has raised less than £300.

A TikTok video shared by the group on their Facebook page said: “Today we rescued 3 homeless bullies who would’ve been put to sleep once the XL bully ban in England & Wales comes into place on the 31st.

“One 14 week old puppy and 2 beautifully natured bullies who will be staying with us till we find their forever homes.

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“Please if you’re in Scotland and can foster even for a month, it gives us more time.”

The latest attack by a dog believed to be an XL bully occurred on December 12.

A man in Lowestoft was left “seriously injured” with Suffolk Police confirming that the dog died during the incident.

It is believed that XL bullies were involved in 12 out of the 23 fatal dog attack to have occurred over the past three years in the UK.

Around 4000 XL bully owners have applied for an exemption to the ban.