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A “PRICELESS” voiceover of Michelle Mone’s disastrous BBC interview has gone viral, garnering over one million views in 24 hours.

Janey Godley, who became a household name during the pandemic for her tongue-in-cheek versions of Nicola Sturgeon’s daily Covid briefings, took aim at the (formerly) Tory peer on Sunday.

Mone had appeared on the BBC to try and “fight back” against what she sees as unjust media scrutiny of her using her Tory connections to net her husband a tidy £60 million in profit from public contracts.

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The baroness’s interview often veered into the realm of the Zen puzzle. After admitting to years of lies, she said: "I wasn’t trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.”

That’s a paradox to meditate on.

In her voiceover, Godley called Mone out over her “wee lie”.

The comic riffs: “At the end of the day, Michael Gove told me, go ahead Michelle, weigh in hen, get yourself some cash. So, I just absolutely profiteered on the PPE.

“Then I said the company wasnae mine, and the company was mine, I know I lied about that but that’s just a wee lie at the end of the day.

“I mean, I have managed to keep the money but it’s no my money, it’s his money [husband Doug Barrowman] and you know, I’m good at putting it off shore.”

Godley then takes over doing Barrowman: “Aye, she’s brilliant at hiding money, so she is."

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Asked why she wasn’t more straightforward, Godley’s Mone says: “Well I didnae want everybody to know I’d got all the money for the PPE and then fucked it all and then the stuff I bought wasnae worth it. You’re not wanting people to know that are you?

“So, I don’t know what your point is here Laura, you’re just bullying me now.”

Won’t somebody spare a thought for the poor profiteers?

Godley's video garnered more than 1.1 million views in the first 24 hours after it was posted, according to figures on Twitter/X.

Praise came thick and fast, with one user writing: "This is absolutely priceless. Well done."

"This is Janey on cracking form. I bet it gets watched more than the actual ‘advertisement’, sorry ‘interview’!!" a second added.

Godley herself commented on the video: "Who thought this would be a good idea, she genuinely believed she could front this out."

It really does look that way...