The National:

LAST week presenter Maryam Moshiri made headlines across the world when footage of her giving the middle finger to production colleagues slipped into a BBC News bulletin.

She apologised on Twitter/X saying she had been joking around with the team, pretending to count down using her fingers, not realising the gesture would be caught on camera.

It was a golden moment, but ever since her claims many of us have been itching to see the gaffe in context.

Now the full clip of Moshiri’s countdown has been released, with the presenter fast gaining respect for her bold creativity. She really WAS doing a countdown. 

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Right before she gives the middle finger for “one” in the countdown, she also gives the V sign for “two”. Kudos.

@scotnational The full countdown to this BBC presenter giving the middle finger is perfect 😂😂 #bbcnews #bbc ♬ original sound - The National

One user on Twitter/X said “give her all of my licence fee” while others have praised her for “voguing all along”.

Moshiri tweeted to say she was glad full proof was now out there.

She said: "So someone released the full video!

"It wasn’t the BBC who released this and it certainly wasn’t me. But in a way I think I’m glad this is out there, as it shows I WAS having a bit of a joke with the crew during the countdown.

"Again, so sorry it went out on air. It was meant to be a private laugh."

The moment may have left her red-faced, but we applaud Moshiri for her seamless performance and thank her for one of the best viral clips of 2023.