AN audience member on Question Time appeared to claim that Scotland would have no “influence” if it rejoined the EU as an independent country.

Last night’s show was broadcast from Kelso, with one person asking if Scottish independence was now a “pipe dream”.

Justice Secretary Angela Constance disputed the suggestion, saying independence was the “only choice that will secure the economic future of this country”.

One audience member seemed less convinced however, as he said: “How independent would Scotland be if we’ve got the Germans and the French telling us what to do when we get this independence?”

Host Fiona Bruce quickly interjected to clarify if the man was discussing a future in which Scotland was back in the EU.

He replied: “If we got independence and we rejoined the EU then what independence do we have.

“At least with the UK Government we have influence, we have MPs there. We can do something with it.

“We will have no say, we will be a nation of five million people at the very end of Europe that no one or very few will listen to in Brussels.”

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The clip was widely shared on social media with many taking issue with the points raised.

One user commented: “Man makes case against Scottish independence saying they’ll have no influence if Scotland joins the EU.

“At the same time he says, ‘we have influence with the UK Gov because we have MPs there’. Anyone want to tell him about MEPs?”

Another said: “Brexit, Alister Jack (below), Covid, Gaza. All examples of our lack of influence in the Union.”

The National: File photo dated 15/03/22 of Scottish Secretary Alister Jack who has said "It is not possible for the next general election to be a de facto referendum on Scottish independence." Issue date: Thursday July 7, 2022.

A third meanwhile asked what “influence” the man could see Scotland having within the UK right now.

Meanwhile, Constance said independence was the only “possible route back into the EU” and that it would allow for “transformational change” to Scotland’s economy.