A major retailer in Glasgow has been forced to close its shutters following a protest. 

Zara, on Buchanan Street, was targeted by a group of pro-Palestine protesters earlier today. 

It is understood that the decision to close was made after activists blocked the entrance to the store.

The National:

The National:

It comes after the clothing brand unveiled an ad campaign called "The Jacket", which featured statues wrapped in white in front of a scene of what could be likened to a house full of rubble. 

The ad also featured mannequins with missing limbs. 

Thousands of people claimed the images resembled photos of corpses in white cloth in Gaza.

Following the complaints, Zara withdrew the campaign, saying it regretted the misunderstanding. 

However, the group of pro-Palestine protesters in Glasgow has said the company's "attempt" at an apology is "not good enough". 

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The National:

One of the protesters, Nida Asif, told Glasgow Times: "We're here following Zara's campaign for 'The Jacket'.

"Everyone in the world knows there is a genocide taking place right now, so who in their right mind would launch this campaign?

"Zara think they can remove the campaign and people will think it's alright and continue to come into their shop and it's not on. 

"People are getting killed and what Zara are doing is disgusting. 

"Children are clinging on to their families at night, it's just heartbreaking, and there's no way Zara haven't seen this all take place. 

"Enough is enough now." 

The group were heard chanting "Zara, shame on you". 

The National:

Police were present at the protest. 

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We were made aware of a protest on Buchanan Street in Glasgow shortly after 11.05am on Wednesday, December 13.

“Officers are in attendance.”

Zara was also contacted for comment.