KING Charles is preparing to face protests ahead of his first visit to Canada as monarch as polls suggest the country is turning against the monarchy.

Charles will be accompanied by the Queen for the tour of the country in May, which is expected to last a week.

However, the Daily Mirror reports that officials have been working closely with the King’s aides to devise a plan where the royals come under as little opposition as possible.

Sources with knowledge of the visit told the newspaper initial discussions have “raised concerns” over the reception the King and Queen will receive.

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Insiders said those responsible for the trip are “acutely aware” that it is “likely to be a huge test of his popularity”.

Recent polling in Canada has shown more than 81% of people say they don’t feel attached to the monarchy, compared to just 14% who said they did.

Prior to his coronation in May, Canada’s national broadcaster CBC led with polling suggesting that 60% are against Charles being recognised as King of Canada.

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The negative data only continued with data from the Angus Reid Institute revealing just 28% have a favourable view of Charles while nearly half – 48%- do not.

A source told The Mirror that the planned engagements would “reflect the feeling in the country,” adding that there were “very real fears of protests affecting future visits”.

Another insider said Canada has been chosen as a “safe space” for the royals to visit.

Elsewhere, The Leger Survey revealed 63% of Canadians believe the country should “rethink ties to King Charles”.