A SCOTTISH Christmas market has been slammed as the ‘worst ever’ in savage TripAdvisor reviews.

Edinburgh’s Christmas Market featured around 70 stalls, is free to enter and is located in the city’s East Princes Street Gardens.

It’s typically billed as Scotland’s best and biggest. But you wouldn’t have thought so if you read the savage reviews left by visitors to this year’s iteration.

The most recent review on popular travel site TripAdvisor said it was “so so disappointing”. They then added: “Totally shocked to find it a good bit smaller than previous years, no little mini pubs/bars set up which we normally enjoyed, stall selection really poor and everything way overpriced.”

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Another person wrote: “Purely consumerist and profiteering tourist trap. Inauthentic, overcrowded and pretentious - a scam.”

While another lamented: “This has to be the worst market I have visited. Mainly food stands with overpriced food and drinks. Mulled wine/cider will set you back £7, for a small paper cup.

“It was certainly not a market to grab a bargain at, there were a handful of different stands. What a waste of time.”

There were some positive reviews, albeit few. This included a five star review saying: “Lovely Christmas Market with stalls full of crafts, food and drink. Have a go on the big wheel while enjoying mulled wine and the beauty of Edinburgh.

“The stalls are expensive as expected at this type of event, but don't stop at just Princes Street. Take a walk to George Street and enjoy more attractions and stalls. Lights all over the old town, grass Market and princes street do not disappoint.”

One user also warned about scammers, adding: "Check the amounts that they charge when you are doing a card payment."