The National:

A RIGHT-WING cryptocurrency influencer appears to believe that a Scottish museum is the epicentre of a conspiracy theory involving pop star Taylor Swift.

Matt Wallace is a prominent right-wing troll and Elon Musk fan on X/Twitter.

In March last year he was accused of scamming investors after launching a cryptocurrency token.

The value of the token surged by 12,000% following its launch before plummeting to zero, with many accusing Wallace of wrongdoing (which he denies).

Now, he appears to believe that Taylor Swift is involved in a globalist plot with the family of billionaire philanthropist George Soros.

But where are Swift and Soros plotting their evildoings, I hear you ask? The Riverside Museum in Glasgow, of course.

In a post on X which has been seen by more than 3 million people, Wallace said: “TAYLOR SWIFT IS FUNDED BY THE SOROS EMPIRE “I AM ABOUT TO EXPOSE EVERYTHING AND END HER REPUTATION”

Predictably, no evidence was provided to support Wallace’s claims.

However, he did provide a picture of Swift placed in-front of the backdrop of the Riverside Museum – suggesting that the Glasgow building attracts more than fans of transport and technology.

Soros has become a magnet for often antisemitic conspiracy theories.

However, if you thought Elon Musk’s X/Twitter was the kind of place that would embolden such baseless claims and contribute to a wholesale decline of political discourse, well, you would be correct.