A TORY peer has suggested his party should ditch Rishi Sunak if they are to have any hope of winning the next General Election.

Writing in The Telegraph, Lord David Frost pointed to “another crunch week” for the Conservative Party as the Prime Minister was forced to defend his Rwanda asylum plans at a last-minute press conference.

That came following the resignation of immigration minister Robert Jenrick, who believes the policy is destined for failure.

In his Telegraph column, Frost echoed Suella Braverman’s (below) thoughts that the “party is facing electoral oblivion”.

The National: Home Secretary Suella Braverman speaks to volunteers during a visit to Bolton Lads and Girls Club in Bolton, Greater Manchester (Justin Tallis/PA)

He suggested “if there is anything to be done to get us on a better path and increase our chances of winning (the next election), then I believe it must be done”.

“Nearly two-thirds of our 2019 voters say they won’t be voting for us. That, not enthusiasm for Keir Starmer, is why Labour is ahead,” he said.

He said that “for those voters, immigration is the top issue” and spoke of how “crucial” the next General Election will be.

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“It is the first election for 50 years at which British voters can change every policy. Last time round, our electors could not change large areas of policy on trade, much economic regulation, agriculture, fisheries, the environment, social and employment law, energy, immigration, human rights – and much more.

“Only the EU could do that. But after Brexit, Britain is a free country once again,” Lord Frost wrote.

He added that he was worried “too many Conservative parliamentarians” have “given up” on the next election and that it was “obvious the current strategy is not working”.

Frost added: “The centre-left, with whom, we must group the Prime Minister after last month’s reshuffle, seems to be happy with losing decently to the approving applause of the establishment.

“But I also hear people on the right saying that the election is already lost and that the important thing is that the left ‘owns the result’ so the right can take control of the smoking wreckage after the crash.”

He even took aim at policies introduced by Sunak (below), saying the Tories wouldn’t win back 2019 voters through “smoking bans or tinkering with A-levels, or failing to deliver on crucial commitments like immigration”.

The National: The National asked the Cabinet Office how many times a Union committee has met while Rishi Sunak

It was in the final paragraph of his column however where he appeared to hint that getting rid of Sunak may be the solution.

The Tory peer said: “So if there is anything to be done to get us on a better path and increase our chances of winning, then I believe it must be done.

“That must, of course, include improving this Rwanda bill so that it does the job it is meant to do.

“But MPs also have a responsibility to consider more broadly whether they think the current path can take us to an election win.

“If they don’t, they shouldn’t be resigning themselves to it – they should be doing something about it.”