SACKS full of parcels that "could be kids' Christmas gifts" have been found dumped in amongst trees on a Scottish roadside.

The discovery was made near Dunfermline's Queen Margaret Hospital.

Adidas trainers, gaming equipment and other items likely intended as Christmas gifts were among the abandoned packages, which even included a bookcase.

Councillor Gavin Ellis discovered the haul on Monday morning next to the hospital's overflow car park on Robertson Road, and alerted the police who removed all the items.

The National: Most of the packages appeared to be intended for addresses in Edinburgh and Penicuik.Most of the packages appeared to be intended for addresses in Edinburgh and Penicuik. (Image: Councillor Gavin Ellis)

He said: “I had a few residents to visit that morning. I had been trying to sort issues with the grit stockpile and when I was looking at that I noticed the parcels in the tree line.

"I thought 'what’s this?' and went to look. From what I could see most of the parcels were for addresses in Penicuik or Edinburgh.

"I posted about it on Facebook and it was picked up by people out that way, so they are aware this has happened. I haven’t heard anymore about it from the police yet though.”

Ellis hoped issues regarding the dumped parcels could be resolved quickly, particularly with Christmas fast approaching.

“You’re just hoping that, especially considering the time of year, that this stuff will be sorted," he said. "Obviously, it could be kids' Christmas gifts.

“It’s definitely a strange one, but it’s not for the first time this has happened. There was a woman who commented on my Facebook post, and she said she had recently stopped a similar incident from happening in Blairadam.

The National: The four sacks of parcels were removed by the police.The four sacks of parcels were removed by the police. (Image: Councillor Gavin Ellis)

"I had also previously witnessed this in the area. You just have to wonder how common this is now.”

He went on: “We’ve all sat in and waited on parcels and the last thing you expect is that they’ve been dumped in a woodland area in another county!

"If anyone does have any information on similar instances, please contact your local councillor, as it is a form of fly tipping which we need to be made aware of.”